Intercoating has solved the complex “performance/side effects” equation typical of synthetic leathers with FLAMER®, the innovative range of permanent flame retardant polyurethane elastomers.

FLAMER® offers certified flame retardant performance combined with high resistance to hydrolysis, even without the need for external additives, and is used for the production of synthetic leather for a wide variety of uses in the public and private sectors.

Synthetic leather produced with FLAMER® is intended for private and public furnishing, clothing and work footwear, saddlery and automotive components and all products that need to have unchanged over time the flame retardant properties declared in the approval certificates.

The FLAMER® line makes it possible to obtain, in addition to the standard characteristics required, the maximum resistance of the polymers over time to both use and washing, guaranteeing maximum respect for the environment and for man. These very high technical performances represent a relevant technological innovation in the field of polyurethane elastomers.

FLAMER® products have been specifically developed to delay the development of flame, offering a permanent performance and maintaining a high resistance to hydrolysis.
The fire behaviour tests, have passed specific tests, carried out at the best accredited Institutes:

In order to best highlight the performance of FLAMER® articles, tests have been carried out under the most severe conditions, using non-fireproof fabric and non-fireproof flexible polyurethane foam as padding.