Parona cutting-edge facilities extend over an area of more than 150.000 square meters and have a production capacity of 200.000 tons/year.
It is a unique production system for dimensions and architectural design, whose creation has involved huge investments.
It has been realized in collaboration with the best planners and the most expert constructors.

In a sector such as the chemical one, strongly conditioned by problems connected with safety and environmental hygiene, it guarantees one of the highest production standards in the world, both for quantity and quality.
It has developed highly automated production processes, with the clear aim of improving the quality of work and of finished products. At the same time, Intercoating aims at decisively reducing the production and management costs, fully complying with the legislation in terms of personal and environmental protection.

In order to develop new scientific knowledge and test innovative production modalities, a must in always more competitive global markets, Intercoating has created highly specialized laboratories to which it dedicates a large part of its investments. 

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