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FLAMER® by ILVA Polimeri obtains 1IM fire resistance classification for approval of articles incorporating
non-fireproof fabrics.
January 2005 - FLAMER®, the innovative range of flameproof polyurethane resins formulated by ILVA Polimeri (see our earlier news item), has obtained Class 1IM Fire Resistance classification for articles containing non-fireproof fabrics from Prato-based fire prevention laboratory LAPI (Laboratori Prevenzione Incendi di Prato).

The tests required by Italian law (Ministerial Decree DM 26.06.84 and subsequent amendments) for Class 1IM approval involve repeated washing of the fabric.
Commonly used fireproof fabrics and flame-retardant paint additives quickly lose their ability to protect against fire and are therefore unable to pass the tests required for obtaining this type of safety approval.

The FLAMER®,  line of polyurethane resins offers permanent anti-flame performance and high resistance to hydrolysis. This is achieved by introducing a molecule providing flame retarding capability into the polymer chain.

These properties provide excellent and lasting fire resistance performance even with non-fireproofed fabrics.

Test report 1145.0un0101/04 issued by LAPI - a laboratory authorized by the Italian ministry for the interior (DM 26.03.85).


FLAMER® by ILVA Polimeri: the new line of flame retardant polyurethane elastomers without any side effects.

February 2004 - ILVA Polimeri has always run research and development programmes on peak technology products, used for making synthetic leather. In order to solve the difficult equation "performance/side effects" in this sector, ILVA Polimeri has formulated FLAMER®, the innovative line of anti-flame polyurethane resins.

The innovative feature of FLAMER® provides anti-flame performance without either containing any compound which could develop toxic gases or generating them in case of combustion.

Another significant problem FLAMER® has solved in this sector - production of synthetic leather for home, industrial and sanitary furnishing, for clothes and for work shoes - is the maintenance of the anti-flame characteristic in items, which, in order to obtain the necessary approvals, are washed several times in extreme conditions. As a matter of fact, after such treatment, the anti-flame characteristic is often lost or considerably weakened.

Thanks to the introduction in the polymer chain of a molecule providing flame retarding capability, FLAMER® offers permanent anti-flame performance and high resistance to hydrolysis.

This feature provides the polymers with maximum long-term resistance, both in terms of use and washes, even more than what the standard requires.

High technical performance and zero toxic compounds: these features make FLAMER® by ILVA Polimeri a significant technological innovation in the polyurethane elastomers sector.

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