• Aliphatic Skin
   Polyester and polycarbonate products, both DMF and alcohol-toluene-based. They have a wide
   range of elastic modulus, viscosity and solid content, and also include special formulations for
   Pull Up effect.

 • Aromatic Skin
   Complete range for the production of any type of synthetic leather, enriched by some products
   from the Flamer line. All our aromatic Skin products allow DMF total recovery.

 • High Solid
   Products with high solid content polyether and polyester based, minimizing the presence of
   solvent: they can be expanded to obtain the most different items, always maintaining excellent
   resistance to hydrolysis. The range is enriched by some products from the Flamer line.

 • Adhesives
   Mono and bi-component polyurethane products; polyester and polyether-based. Some can be of
   aliphatic origin. They are formulated for the production of synthetic leather, coupling and resining.
   They complete the series of one-coat systems, with excellent characteristics of adhesion on any

 • Coagulation
   Our range allows obtaining any kind of coagulate. In particular, the use of our special low dry
   content resins, having high viscosity, allows the customer to obtain a high quality standard,
   absolutely constant over time. Special resins for suede effect  article complete the range.

 • Assistors
   Cross-linkers, levellers, catalysts, etc. complete our polyurethane range.

 • Isocyanic prepolymers
   Non-solvent, isocyanic pre-polymers to be used in mono and bi-component systems. They have a
   wide range of viscosity and NCO. A wide choice allows them being used in many application
   sectors. They are available in both aromatic and aliphatic versions.


 • Solvent-Based adhesives
   Polyurethane, bi-component systems, suitable for the coupling of various

 • Isocyanate cross-linking solvent-based
   Solvent-based isocyanate pre-polymers used as cross-linkers or primers
   on various kinds of supports. They have a wide viscosity range and NCO,
   allowing its optimization when used.

 • Additives for inks
   Low-polyether or polyester additives, for the improvement of ink

 • Viscosity depressant
   Additives of polyurethane origin, used to lower and stabilize viscosity in
   colouring pastes or additives of various origin.


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