ADOXeco: ecological polyurethanes

Upon completion of important studies in its Research and Development Laboratories, IVM Chemicals has filed a patent for a new polyurethane polymer obtained from renewable raw materials of vegetal origin.

 The use of this new polymer allowed creating a new series of special products using
 raw materials derived from natural renewable sources: Bio-polyols.

 Bio-polyols, which come from what is now generically called green chemistry, also allow:

 •  the growth of a multifunctional agriculture, in the non-food sector, able to meet the needs of
 •  improving environmental balance in industrial processes and energy
 •  obtaining obvious environmental benefits by reducing dependence on petrochemical products

 products allow us to offer innovative materials, with high technological content, in full respect for the environment.

In terms of performance, product line consists of high quality, polyols-based Elastomers that can compete with those using traditional raw materials.





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