Should you contact us for any of the available positions, please note that our first assessment will consider the following aspects: 

general aspects:

  do you have a high ethical-moral sense;

  have you envisioned the future you want for yourself and your family;

•  do you wish to invest in yourself and work permanently with our Group for many years and know that to 'reap' it is 
   first necessary to 'sow';

•  do you keep your word and respect agreements;

•  do you have adequate intellectual and physical energy and do you use them promptly and with determination
   to achieve your objectives;

•  are you aware that work offers not only economic satisfaction, but demands a certain availability that cannot always
    be written in a contract;

•  you are aware of fact that an enterprise, and thus its work, is valued first of all for the results guaranteed (the best
   product-service at the lowest price) and not only for good intentions; 

and specialized aspects:

•  have a technical and educational background and experience to enable you to adequately face the type of results

•  want to learn and constantly improve the results of your work.

If you honestly believe to meet these requirements, please contact us, outlining your opinions on the issues listed above. We can offer you one of the best working environments, with high Technical and Organizational qualifications, in the world of Paints. Similarly, we believe to be able to offer the best economic conditions in our sector. We wish to stress that our Group has a solid family property, which is not to be confused with family management. A stable family-owned company has always been a strong point for medium and long term plans and for a cohesive management. The property is only represented in the Presidency of the Holding company and all the companies have their stable management structure.

Therefore, if you wish to work with great reciprocal satisfaction in an environment such as the one you can find in our Group, send us your curriculum vitae, also by email, stating the reason for your decision to change Company and indicating what remuneration you consider adequate for your long term collaboration. At your first interview with us, we also suggest to bring a short written presentation.

Looking forward to meeting you personally,

Best regards,

                                                                                                                    Giovanni Ruffino 
                                                                                                              Intercoating Division Director 

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