With the brand ILVA Polimeri IVM Group has gained a forty year’s experience in the production of polyurethane.
In Italy IVM Group have been the First Company to develop the technology of polyurethane elastomers for the synthetic leather market.

Nowadays, after some rationalization processes within the Company, these products are sold by Intercoating, which is IVM Chemicals Division specializing in the sale of Polymers and in outsourcing contracts in Italy and abroad.

ILVA Polimeri technologically advanced range of elastomers and polyurethane adhesives includes products in solution and solvent-free polyester, polycarbonate and polyether-based products, both aromatic and aliphatic.


                                                                                              PRODUCT RANGE

Products in solution:

pre-skin, skin, high solid and adhesives products, allowing the realization of 
any kind of spread and coupled leather
soft, medium and hard coagulated resins, having different dry content and 
viscosity degree, for the production of various and elaborate coagulated
 a high number of additives and assistors, a complement for our range of
products, which are necessary to obtain final the wished result

The materials obtained are mainly intended for the production of:  
 synthetic leather for shoes, leather goods, clothing, furniture and upholstery
•  enhanced leather for belts, leather goods, shoes and furniture;
 polyurethane conveyor belts
•  waterproof and and resin products for clothing fabric
 coupling of various materials.

For synthetic leather manufacturers and for the leather tanning sector we have studied and fine-tuned the products of the line , fire retardant polyurethanes which:

 offer high performances with no need to add other fire retardant products
• have obtained certifications for their fire-retarding qualities from the major Italian Certification Institutes

Among the latest products developed in its Research and Development Laboratories, using a new polyurethane polymer of which IVM Chemicals has a patent pending, there are those of  line, ecological polyurethanes that:

Use renewable raw materials of vegetal origin therefore reducing the environmental impact
allow obtaining highly performant products, comparable with the best polyurethanes on the market 

As a result of the constant collaboration between  our research laboratories and the final users, we can also satisfy all the various needs of the synthetic leather, coupled leather, and technical product markets, also suggesting tailor-made solutions.

Solvent free products: 

They are 100% dry mono and bi-component products, used for the main industrial applications, such as: 

industrial adhesives
flexible packaging
 special applications

Also with this typology of products, in which the required level of specialization is very high, each system focalizes on the specific needs of the Customer.

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