IVM Chemicals is one of largest Companies in Europe and in the World specialized in paints for wood. It also manufactures resins, adhesives and polyurethane elastomers. It is part of IVM Group, among the most important in the world in this sector, which is considered one of the high tech segments in the field of “coatings and varnishes”. It has Subsidiaries in the main European Countries and distributes in more than 70 Countries.

In 2007 IVM Chemicals originated from the merger of three of the main European companies specializing in the production of wood coatings (Milesi, ILVA Polimeri and Intercoating), already belonging to IVM Group. They merged with the ambitious project of building together a highly productive concern, thanks to the possibility offered by the processing of quantities never managed so far by a single industrial plant.


Intercoating division produces, for its own clients, on their specific formulation: 
 Elastomers and Polyurethane adhesives



The decision to work with Intercoating means that you can:

Reach the highest quality standards for your products since they are
   produced using plants, technologies and controls which are amongst
   the most advanced in the world
 Be certain of receiving the products requested in the time agreed;
Reduce storage costs
 Dispose of  highly competitive products, as they are manufactured
   using raw materials purchased  at the best rates on the market
 Avoid investments for new plants, should they be necessary to increase
   production capacity or to replace existing plants
Dedicate yourself exclusively to your Clients, reducing or even
   eliminating all production related problems (staff and plant
   management, insurance and problems concerning ecology and safety

Intercoating Division Director: Giovanni Ruffino

an IVM Chemicals' Brand